What NOT Spending $20mm on Super Bowl Ads Gets You

Much is being made in the business and advertising trade press about Pepsi’s decision to forgo a 20-year tradition of advertising in the Super Bowl and instead, sink the money into a massive social media campaign, built around cause marketing.

Social media and cause marketing go together, for sure. And, with Pepsi only having 250,000 Facebook followers to Coke’s 4 million, they certainly need to make headway in the social space. But, is this a risky move?

I actually think this campaign has more breakthrough potential than yet another dancing, singing, star-studded Pepsi TV ad. Sure, people would MAYBE talk about the spot for a day or two, but chances are it would be overshadowed by the much funnier Bud ads.

Only question in my mind is how are they planning to activate this in the mobile space. It’s not obvious on their web site and this would seem like a big miss if they don’t have something planned.

It’s nice to see a brand this big taking some risks. And, really, when you think about it, nothing’s more risky these days than sticking with the status quo.

What NOT Spending $20mm on Super Bowl Ads Gets You.


About Scott Cone
A husband to a loving, lovely wife. Father to six great kids and two grand kids. I'm a marketing, advertising and promotion professional with a keen interest in big ideas, all things digital and especially how mobile is changing all aspects of communication and marketing. I play guitar and sing, write music, write screenplays, act, scuba dive, weight lift, ski and enjoy Christian apologetics, logic, evolution versus intelligent design and the basis for morals, values and ethics.

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