Online TV Death Match

This fight will be interesting to watch. As Boxee announces a new update this week, along with a set top box, will to power shift to them or stay on the content-producer side?

I think the video content guys are scared and have sworn to fight to the death having happen to them what happened to the recording industry. In other words, they will not be iTunesed by Boxee, or iTunes. But, once you open Pandora’s Boxee with all the content you want on your TV, from pretty much any source, can you really get all those video demons back in there?

Expectations are Hulu is going to soon announce a premium service (i.e. you now have to pay for what you were getting free). I’m pretty sure that won’t fly. But, a lot of people said that about subscription TV (a.k.a. cable) when it first launched.

I do know this: I don’t want to be relegated to only being able to watch episodes of “Greatest American Hero” or “Muppets Tails” on my Boxee/TV.

Online TV Faceoff: Boxee vs. Hulu

via Mashable


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