Your Dog Loves KFC’s New Local Marketing

File this under the “Just Because You Can Do Something Doesn’t Mean You Should” category of bad marketing and advertising ideas. KFC is paying Indianapolis and another Indiana city to put the Colonel’s visage on fire hydrants to promote their new fiery chicken wings.

So, am I the only one with images of Fido taking a leak on our beloved brand icon’s face? Where are the KFC brand police on this one? I can see maybe sticking his face up on some water towers…that would be especially visible. I can also see some bonehead in city government thinking this is a good idea. But someone from KCF, who is supposed to be a brand steward, liking this? I would have loved to be in the meeting where this was pitched.

KFC pays Indiana cities for ‘fiery’ ad space | | The Indianapolis Star.


About Scott Cone
A husband to a loving, lovely wife. Father to six great kids and two grand kids. I'm a marketing, advertising and promotion professional with a keen interest in big ideas, all things digital and especially how mobile is changing all aspects of communication and marketing. I play guitar and sing, write music, write screenplays, act, scuba dive, weight lift, ski and enjoy Christian apologetics, logic, evolution versus intelligent design and the basis for morals, values and ethics.

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