Personal Branding Tools for my Houston AMA Peeps!

Hey all your professional development SIGers! Welcome! I really enjoyed moderating but have to apologize for Sommer. Whoa, were those comments out of line or what????

Just kidding. She worked really hard on putting a great event together and I put her up to those comments so I take full responsibility.

Regarding my site: I post interesting content pretty much every day on a range of marketing and branding issues, particularly innovative approaches, digital media, social media and mobile. Occasionally, I put some original commentary on here. Bookmark me or subscribe (over there on the right), visit often and PLEASE POST COMMENTS. If you have any suggestions on how I can make this a more valuable resource for you, please let me know. Also feel free to follow me on Twitter or link to me on LinkedIn.

Now, on these personal branding tools…these come from several years ago when I worked on a major packaged goods brand for my former agency. I’m sure they’ve changed these tools over time, especially now that digital has exploded on the scene but this company is the epitome of classical branding skills and I thought it would be interesting to look at the strategic brand building blocks, tools and guidelines a CPG marketer uses to build and manage a brand then adapt and apply some of these tools to personal branding. Their name is not on any of these documents and they are not trademarked or copy protected. I’m also not sharing anything specifically proprietary about their unique brands. Only the overall process and strategic framework. There are several pieces here to help you.

The first is a strategic framework for the process of building and managing a brand. The page is titled “Brand Equity Creation and Management Proposed Best Practices”.  It details what a brand equity statement is, brand identity guidelines (or a style guide), the communications strategy and the Equity Building Choice Wheel.

Next is the equity building choice wheel. These are some common components that go into building a product brand’s equity. I wouldn’t recommend adapting the touch element to your personal branding, of course. But there are other elements that do make sense. Should you have a logo? Should you create a blog? (Yes!). Do you want a specific look emulated across your digital media, your personal appearance, etc? All interesting angles to look at and explore. This is a pallet out of which you paint the personal brand that is you.

Finally, you have the Global Brand Equity Template, a diagram that takes all these elements and puts them into graphic form.

Go through these sometime and experiment with building your personal brand.  Have fun and happy branding!

Bonus: Scott’s Four Rules of Personal Branding

1. Sharpen Your Digital (that includes mobile) skills.

2. Sharpen your selling skills because no matter what you do, you have to learn to effectively persuade others.

3. Build and nurture your professional and personal network and always look for ways to first add value to your connections before you ask for something.

4. As much as is possible with you, never, never, never burn a bridge

Branding Stuff (pdf file download)


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