Pepsi Winning by Avoiding The Superbowl But They’re Missing Out Ignoring Mobile.

This post indicates Pepsi is already ahead by opting for a social media campaign and skipping expensive 30-second TV commercial production and Super Bowl media buy.

Pepsi’s approach is beating the traditional advertising route in two ways:

1. Awareness/Buzz: The Refresh Everything social media campaign, which gives $20-million to crowd-sourced community renewal projects, has generated 21 percent of the media coverage and online buzz surrounding Superbowl advertising, according to Nielsen. That’s a lot of attention for a company that’s not advertising in the game. It’s 10 times the coverage given to Coke, who is advertising in the game.

2. Cost Containment: All the rage at any corporation with a balance sheet these days. According to the post, Pepsi is spending about $10-million less than it usually spends on Superbowl ads.

Spend less, get more. Isn’t that the goal? My only beef with this campaign, and it seems like a HUGE miss to me, given their target audience and the amount of time their primary consumers spend on mobile devices connecting to social networks and making buying decisions in store…there’s no apparent mobile component to the campaign. I checked the iTunes store this morning…nada.

Imagine how much more participation they’d have if they would have done an iPhone/iPod touch app that would have made it easier for for their audience to share, participate and submit projects. I know it will take sluggish brands time to catch on to mobile but they had better hurry up. The consumer is way ahead of them on mobile…in both social networking and shopping.

Pepsi Has Already Won by Avoiding The Superbowl – GigaOM.


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