Advertising and Content Become One in the Same

An important article detailing the changes taking place in the advertising world discussed at the Association of National Advertisers’ annual TV & Everything Video forum.

Perhaps the most important statement comes from Mark Stewart, VP-global media services at Kraft Foods, who said the company was beginning to realize that blasting an ad out to the masses was less important than coming up with methods that made people react:

“Exposure has absolutely nothing to do with engagement,” he said.

Congrats Mark. You’re beginning to realize blasting ads out doesn’t equate to results. Although, I suspect what’s really going on is that upper management is fed up with paying millions for TV spot production and millions more for media buys and it nets a big goose egg.

Yes, new media opportunities like social, mobile and in store take so much more time and effort to develop and execute than a 30-second spot. They’re not nearly as glamorous…there’s no traveling to the TV shoot, staying at Shutters in Santa Monica or hanging out with movie stars then walking away to enjoy the concert tickets and other freebees once the media buy has been made. But, these other channels sure do deliver when it comes to engagement and results.

via Advertising Age: Advertising and Content Become One in the Same.


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