Marketing Service Providers and Clients Must Change or Die

During Kodak CMO’ Jeffrey Heyzlett’s Houston Interactive Marketing Association luncheon presentation yesterday, it became clear to me there’s no going back to the Mad Men days. Kodak now is launching very successful products and marketing campaigns all without a dime of above the line media. They’ve gone from 3,100+ world wide agencies to less than 1,300…still a bunch, in my opinion. But, there are no more agencies of record. Jeff doesn’t tolerate people on his team who rely on agencies to do what they themselves should be doing. They’re eliminating duplication of effort and streamlining costs. Every body is clear about their job. Kodak spends way less on traditional advertising and marketing services costs are reduced and they get better returns. What’s not to love?

Well, traditional agencies, with their highly compensated CEO’s, cast of thousands…the butts in every seat strategy…and high overhead, can’t love this too much. They’re watching their demise in the form of the death of a thousand cuts.

Now, nobody is saying traditional advertising is going away tomorrow. But, it’s decline is inevitable.

This creates a wealth of opportunities for smaller, more nimble marketing services firms. New approaches and ideas.

More support for all this change comes from this week’s Ad Age.

As Shops Transform, Marketers Must Adapt Too – Advertising Age


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