Metrics Are Killing Creativity in Advertising

This is a big mistake clients are making, in my opinion.

I understand that metrics are important and I wouldn’t shy away from using them. But, I’d use them more to determine the “what” and the “where” of marketing content and not rely on them to determine the “how”.

If you accept the notion that marketing success today is determined not by creating better interruptions but by creating better conversations, connections and content then it follows that the creative way in which those conversations, connections and content get delivered makes or breaks the experience. The “what” and “where” of these conversations, connections and content are critically important. But just as important is the “how”, at least in the value all this has as a long-term asset.

“How” is a creative decision and it’s always going to be risky. Research and insight can get to some of the how but at the end of the day, it’s going to take a leap of faith from clients toward people skilled in packaging up conversations, connections and content in interesting and emotional stories. And, even Steven Spielberg, the greatest story teller of our time, misses it occasionally.

If there was a sure fire way in the creative process to guarantee a hit every time, then there would be no bad TV shows or movies or books or recordings. Creativity is a messy, ethereal process at times. It’s a lot like positive thinking in this sense: positive thinking can’t make anything happen…but, it makes everything that happens better than negative thinking. Creativity, in the same matter, doesn’t guarantee great content, but it gives content a fighting chance, more so than a boring, bland presentation of the facts.

via Advertising Age – Guest Columnists.

via Metrics Are Killing Creativity in Advertising.


About Scott Cone
A husband to a loving, lovely wife. Father to six great kids and two grand kids. I'm a marketing, advertising and promotion professional with a keen interest in big ideas, all things digital and especially how mobile is changing all aspects of communication and marketing. I play guitar and sing, write music, write screenplays, act, scuba dive, weight lift, ski and enjoy Christian apologetics, logic, evolution versus intelligent design and the basis for morals, values and ethics.

One Response to Metrics Are Killing Creativity in Advertising

  1. I agree. It’s a miss without metrics and strategy. They lead the way and provide the framework but great ideas executed well make a big difference. These three amigos, like any other team are only as strong as the weakest link.

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