Time To Decouple Digital Marketing from Corporate IT

According to Chief Marketer, there’s tension between the CMO and the CIO in today’s corporate environment as marketing struggles to get things done in a new world that demands anytime/anywhere content while the corporate IT infrastructure was designed to handle things like files sizes below 1MB and such. Social media, large video files, real time interaction…who every foresaw these things five years ago? Well duh!

Like everything else in life, the digital evolution is upsetting the apple cart in corporate land. All the nice little sandboxes are having wild animals poop in them and kids from other playgrounds throw sand and remove the sand and do all kinds of other things the sandbox was never designed to do and all the while, what once was such a well-defined playground that now look more like chaos.

What must change here? How about corporate land? How about abandoning those nice little defined kingdoms everyone’s grown so accustomed to and learning to live with uncertainty like all of humanity does when it leaves the office?

See, corporate entities are really just collections of people anyway. It’s really ridiculous to assume we could have such order and control over things when in fact we don’t. It’s just that digital realities have now stripped off the pretense. We all now know we’re not in control. And that’s a good place to be.

It’s time for corporate marketing to assert their intention to move marketing to a separate platform from the IT infrastructure if IT won’t adapt. Because the risk aversion is killing sales and marketing efforts. The sooner companies wake up to this, the sooner they can work out their survival plans. Or not.

Like everything else the digital revolution has changed, there’s no going back. Business, like life, is unpredictable. Get used to it.

CMO, CIO Divide Leaves Strategy In No Man’s Land.


About Scott Cone
A husband to a loving, lovely wife. Father to six great kids and two grand kids. I'm a marketing, advertising and promotion professional with a keen interest in big ideas, all things digital and especially how mobile is changing all aspects of communication and marketing. I play guitar and sing, write music, write screenplays, act, scuba dive, weight lift, ski and enjoy Christian apologetics, logic, evolution versus intelligent design and the basis for morals, values and ethics.

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