About Me

Insights. Strategy. Ideas. That sums up what you get with me.

Storytelling has always been a big part of my life. Got it from my paternal grandma, who would scare the crap out of my brother, six males cousins and me as we all huddled in the “blue room” of her 100-year-old Iowa farm house to hear her weave tales of the strange and macabre. It was the most fun we had every summer, gathering at her house to hoe beans, spend hot afternoon’s at the Alta pool, have bonfires and wienie roasts out in the grove. So, i guess it’s only natural when my career in acting didn’t materialize after high school that I would gravitate toward advertising.

The way we tell stories has changed over the years but the principles are still the same. To be a truly effective marketer, you have to spin a tale. You have to involve your audience. You have to engage.

After spending the first part of my career honing my skills in small markets, selling radio and TV advertising to mom and pop businesses and small agencies…who had to have the advertising deliver or they couldn’t keep doing it…I moved to Kansas City and started work for with an innovative team of broadcasters at KCFX. This little classic rock station had just acquired the rights to the Kansas City Chiefs play-by-play broadcasts, only the second FM station in the country to do so. There, I added to my marketing skills with  sports marketing, sponsorship and event marketing and promotional marketing techniques and practices. And, I became so good at it that my management promoted me to forming and running a promotional marketing and business development group within the media company, which we branded Marketing 101, to go along with our station call letters, 101 The Fox.

When my boss moved to  a new media company in Houston, she brought me with her to form and run a similar business development and promotional marketing program with her new company. Over several years, we grew to be a part of Chancellor Media, the largest radio broadcaster in the country. We were part of a promotional marketing division named Chancellor Marketing Group. In the fall of 2000, when Clear Channel acquired Chancellor Media, we had the opportunity to take our existing clients and form our own company.

Powerpact, a promotional marketing firm, was formed October of 2000. On our first day in business, we had Shell, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Minute Maid, Lexus, General Mills and other big brands as clients. It was exciting starting our own company and we were privileged to be able to start with such blue chip clients. Over the 81/2 years I was a principal with Powerpact we had a lot of fun and I learned and grew a lot.

My proudest moment was competing for and winning Sony Electronics shopper marketing and promotion business. The three years as managing director on the Sony account, working with the great Sony folks, creating big, award-winning and hugely successful national promotions and marketing programs and making great money for our company and myself were some of the funnest times in my career so far.I also learned a lot about successful digital marketing and promotions, which have served as a stepping stone to my next ventures.

In the Spring of 2009, I left Powerpact to pursue several new opportunities in the marketing field. I’m currently involved in developing a range of new agency and marketing service provider businesses, built on a new business model that can deliver on a range of new marketing best practices…helping clients create marketing consumers want to pull toward them versus the old push marketing model that creates marketing consumers are increasingly ignoring and avoiding. Our new service provider business model is based on delivering this new marketing in a way that’s better, faster and more affordable than the bloated, high overhead and people-cost agency model currently used by the majority of marketing outsource service providers.

I believe the future of the marketing business, agencies and other marketing service providers will be built on partners that provide a suite of inbound marketing expertise delivered through digital content, social media, mobile devices, engaging experiences and events and in store activities. I believer there’s effective technology and processes that can deliver this with unique, on-demand staffing and talent solutions, reducing a client’s costs. Think more like how Hollywood produces hit movies with a team of talented freelancers and contract players instead of the stable of permanent employees int today’s agency business. It’s a very exciting time to be in innovating in marketing!


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