How Video Goes Viral…Cool Infographic

This cool infographic, shared on Mashable today.

Mashable Video Goes Viral

Cool Infographic on How Video Goes Viral


Apple Aims to Make Mobile Ads Competitive to TV

This is a good post by John Gruber, of Daring Fireball, on the shots Jobs fired across Google’s bow with the iPhone OS 4.0 announcements Thursday.

His main point about iAds I agree with. On mobile devices, people are using apps, not search. The browser is, for the most part, too slow and clunky to peck around on. Once you go apps, you never go back to the browser and search…if there’s an app alternative.

iAds will allow creatives, agencies and developers to create very media rich ad experiences within the app. You don’t have to click on a banner for an ad in the app then have the browsers launch (like AdMob and other’s do now). You click on the ad and it launches in a layer over the existing app you’re in. And, the ad you get is full of richness and experience. It will be better than TV advertising in that it’s interactive. It will be better than interactive, in that it can incorporate a lot of rich media and use location, gaming and more.

To me, this is a very rich opportunity for building a new kind of agency of the future. When you think about it, if you could deliver the emotional and artistic impact of a very well made TV ad along with all the richness of interactivity, geolocation and instant purchase, that’s a powerful combination.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear!

Daring Fireball: Reading Between the iPhone OS 4.0 Lines.

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Once-Casual Gamers Go ‘Social’

More interesting news on the evolution of gaming. Expect to see savvy brands begin to leverage these trends into interesting social game promotions.

via MediaWeek.

Metrics Are Killing Creativity in Advertising

This is a big mistake clients are making, in my opinion.

I understand that metrics are important and I wouldn’t shy away from using them. But, I’d use them more to determine the “what” and the “where” of marketing content and not rely on them to determine the “how”.

If you accept the notion that marketing success today is determined not by creating better interruptions but by creating better conversations, connections and content then it follows that the creative way in which those conversations, connections and content get delivered makes or breaks the experience. The “what” and “where” of these conversations, connections and content are critically important. But just as important is the “how”, at least in the value all this has as a long-term asset.

“How” is a creative decision and it’s always going to be risky. Research and insight can get to some of the how but at the end of the day, it’s going to take a leap of faith from clients toward people skilled in packaging up conversations, connections and content in interesting and emotional stories. And, even Steven Spielberg, the greatest story teller of our time, misses it occasionally.

If there was a sure fire way in the creative process to guarantee a hit every time, then there would be no bad TV shows or movies or books or recordings. Creativity is a messy, ethereal process at times. It’s a lot like positive thinking in this sense: positive thinking can’t make anything happen…but, it makes everything that happens better than negative thinking. Creativity, in the same matter, doesn’t guarantee great content, but it gives content a fighting chance, more so than a boring, bland presentation of the facts.

via Advertising Age – Guest Columnists.

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