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I thought this was a really useful post from Jay Baer’s Convince and Convert blog on some simple social media metrics you can put into place right now.

I was particularly interested in Jay’s simple tutorial on how to create a Share of Voice report and the ready-to-go tools he made available to create a Share of Voice report. I intend to immediately incorporate this into our content marketing service delivery.

Thanks Jay for practicing what you preach. Another great example of how creating content creates fans that convert into customers.



Infographic: Most Content Sharing Occurs on Facebook

Mashable posted this cool infographic this morning based on research from the sharing widget AddThis. In 2010 Facebook grew as the number one destination on the web for sharing content, outpacing all other sites and sharing vehicles. Still, there’s lots of sharing going on, with a variety of tools used.


Infographic Showing How/Where Content is Being Shared




The Republic of Facebook Infographic

One more interesting graphic for today. Helps to visualize the power of Facebook.


There are 550,000+ apps that are used on Facebook. Seventy percent of users engage with apps each month. There are one million app developers. Zynga, the top app developer, made $250 million in 2009. Of that amount, $80-$150 million is estimated to be profit, more net profit than Facebook itself made.

The most popular Facebook apps are:


Rock You!

Electric Arts





6 Waves





Facebook Pages

There are 1,500,000 active Facebook pages. The average value per fan is $136.38. Extrapolating on that, many celebrity pages would be worth enormous sums:

Michael Jackson, with 13.3 million fans, would have a page worth $1.8 billion. Family Guy has 9.5 million fans for a worth of $1.3 billion. Lady Gaga and Barack Obama each have 9.1 million fans, worth $1.2 billion each. Vin Diesel has nine million fans, worth $1.1 billion. Starbucks has 8.2 million fans, worth $1.1 billion. South Park has 6.2 million fans for a worth of $845 million.

Popular Facebook pages include:

Barack Obama

Lady Gaga

Michael Jackson

Family Guy

Vin Diesel

Megan Fox


Twilight Saga



There are 500,000,000+ users of Facebook. Of those, 200 million users use it daily for an average of 55 minutes a day. If those users were all working for $5 an hour instead of going on Facebook, they would collectively earn $916,000,000 a day.


In Q1 2010, 176 billion display ads were posted on Facebook, 16 percent of the display ad market. Facebook says its advertisers have quadrupled since 2009.

If Facebook were a country, it would be the third most populous in the world after China and India. Today’s valuation of Facebook is $7.9-$11 billion.

Original is here:
The Republic of Facebook Infographic

Once-Casual Gamers Go ‘Social’

More interesting news on the evolution of gaming. Expect to see savvy brands begin to leverage these trends into interesting social game promotions.

via MediaWeek.

Digital Games Selling Virtual Goods. Money for Nothing, Chicks for Free?

A tip of the hat to Dire Straits as it looks like their 80’s song mocking the glib fans of MTV generation rockers is now coming true thanks to online gaming. Micro-payments for virtual goods in games….like the 25-cents players cough up for a plum tree in Farmville…are adding up to big time money…some $1.6 billion, according to research firm ThinkEquity estimates. And, these payments aren’t being harvested from kids…it’s 35+ women that are the sweet spot.As I posted this morning, marketers seem totally snoozing on this one. I don’t know about you, but $1.6 billion seems like a fair amount of money to me.

via BusinessWeek: Who Wants to Buy a Digital Elephant?

Social Media’s Impact on Content Distribution

Another great post from consistently great marketing blogger Dave Knox. I encourage you to bookmark or subscribe to his blog.

The impact of the Social Media effect on great content « Hard Knox Life – Dave Knox Brand Management blog.

Twitter Grader | Get Your Twitter Ranking

Twitter Grader is a great little tool that tells you how influential you are on Twitter. I encourage you to use it to evaluate the power of your brand or personal brand.

Twitter Grader | Get Your Twitter Ranking.